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Parent Information

At Alexandra House we recognise our parents and carers as their child’s primary educators and we work hard to ensure that we develop strong parent/carer partnerships for the benefit of the children.

Throughout the year, we organise numerous events to involve our families such as Christmas parties, Graduation to ‘big school’, toddler tea parties and a variety of fundraising events. In addition, we arrange parent meetings each term to allow you to discuss your child’s progress with your Key Person.

We actively encourage our parents and carers to come into the rooms at drop off times so that you can see first-hand what your child will be doing that day and our staff will give you a verbal handover at collection times, keeping you updated on your child’s time with us.

We offer regular updates in the form of newsletters and our latest newsletter can be read here

We collect and store all personal data in line with the latest GDPR guidelines - see our Privacy Notice

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Latest News

From September 2017, the government scheme to offer 30 hours of funded childcare to eligible 3 and 4 year olds will begin. Further information about the latest government childcare initiatives can be found here

We are now using the online Learning Journey programme developed by Tapestry to record all your child’s observations and assessments. This programme allows our parents and carers to both access the system to view, and contribute to, their child’s developmental records.

Information about Tapestry can be found here

For our existing parents/carers you can log on to your child’s Tapestry account here