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Parent Information

At Alexandra House we recognise our parents and carers as their child’s primary educators and we work hard to ensure that we develop strong parent/carer partnerships for the benefit of the children.

Throughout the year, we organise numerous events to involve our families such as Christmas parties, Graduation to ‘big school’, toddler tea parties and a variety of fundraising events. In addition, we arrange parent meetings each term to allow you to discuss your child’s progress with your Key Person.

Our staff will give you a verbal handover at collection times, keeping you updated on your child’s time with us.

We collect and store all personal data in line with the latest GDPR guidelines - see our Privacy Notice

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Further information about the latest government childcare initiatives can be found here

In order to keep our families fully involved and updated with their child's development and the running of the nursery, we subscribe to the highly acclaimed FAMLY nursery management platform. Further information can be found here:

Features include free parent access on mobiles and online which allows us to send immediate updates straight to you. We share photos, videos, observations, reminders and nursery news via the FAMLY app as well as invoices, booking and payment records. The direct messaging service allows parents and staff to communicate easily and instantly.